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Therapik Bug Bite Relieving Gadget Review: We Can't Believe This Actually Works

Are you being eaten alive by mosquitos? Is the itch driving you completely and utterly insane? Us too! ... Read more!

Review: Therapik, The Anti-Itch Gadget That Will Make You Hate Mosquitoes Slightly Less

I hate mosquitoes. This has been well documented in my open letter to mosquitoes, kindly asking that they leave the planet for the next 100 million years. ... Read more!

Better Homes and Gardens - July 2011 issue - Page 138

3,500 the number of species of pesky mosquitoes found worldwide. Cover up! Bug bites, begone Camping, fishing, gardening--it's all good outdoor fun until someone gets bit by a mosquito ... Read more!

Florida Today - November 2011 issue - Health 6D

Living in Florida, we’ve all experienced mosquito and fire ant bites, and maybe even the occasional jelly fish sting. The itching and burning can be annoying and painful... Read more!

Redbook - June 2011 issue - Page 90

Why does it feel like every insect within 30 miles has you in its crosshairs, while your husband is blissfully unbitten? Read more!

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