Do You Enjoy Spending Time Outdoors?

For everyone who’d rather spend their next vacation camping, hiking, or fishing than being cooped up in a luxury hotel suite, Therapik® is your new favorite travel companion.

For anyone who’s spent a considerable amount of time outdoors or travelling, you already know that bug bites and stings are inevitable. Preventative sprays and chemicals are effective, but not foolproof. Those little buggers seem to always find the one spot you leave unprotected. And once you have been bitten or stung, your only source of relief is typically a messy cream that needs to be reapplied over and over again.

Therapik® Is the Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

According to Ira Carlin of More Power 2 U, “the beauty of this device is that you can take it camping, biking and fishing, pretty much anywhere mosquitoes and bugs might be and not have to worry about stocking up on first aid staples like calamine lotion and cortisone. It can be used again and again – no mess, no fuss.”
So What Is Therapik®?

Therapik® is a small, portable, hand-held, battery-powered device that takes up little space in your bag and weighs around four ounces (including the battery). It has been clinically been proven to soothe stings and bites caused by:

  • Organisms that deliver thermolabile venom
  • Mosquito saliva containing protein, which cause your skin to release histamines.

The saliva protein can be neutralized with the application of heat. This method denatures the proteins and stops the skin’s histamine release that triggered the itch and welts.

How Does it Work?

Using patented technology based on this principle, Therapik® delivers highly concentrated source of heat to the skin through a small cylindrical opening at its tip. The source of the infrared heat is a small 5 volt electric bulb connected to a replaceable 9-volt alkaline battery, producing an energy output of approximately 1.25 watts.

Therapik® was field-tested by the North American Fishing Club and The National Home Gardening Club and received Seals of Approval from both organizations. It retails for $12.95, and can be ordered directly from our website