Treating Your Bug Bites With Conventional Solutions

The world swarms with all different sorts of flying, hopping, and biting insects. For all of the variety of insect types that exist though, most bites result in the same symptoms: a red, itchy bump. The conventional wisdom, which most of us are taught when we’re young, is to simply clean bug bites and apply an ointment, usually an antihistamine, calamine lotion, or a acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) product. But are these solutions the best way to treat your bug bites and stings?

Is Calamine Lotion that Effective?

Calamine has been used for soothing and calming skin irritations of all sorts for hundreds of years. The lotion you find in stores today, however, is actually a blend of powders that can vary from recipe to recipe. In most cases, the key additional ingredient added is zinc oxide, which is fairly common in diaper rash creams, but is actually a compound commonly found in sunscreen. In this regard, calamine lotion would be better used to help protect your skin from harmful rays as opposed to relieving the itch of bug bites.

Do “Aspirin Masks” Really Work?

Acetylsalicylic acid is the key ingredient in Aspirin. And I know most of you are thinking, how can a medication I use for headaches be good for my skin? Your concerns are totally valid. You can find all sorts of information on the internet related to “Aspirin Masks,” which many swear by for getting rid of red marks, reducing pimples and softening your skin. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory, which will definitely help reduce redness and swelling, but unfortunately, does not address the itchiness caused by bug bites. Persistent scratching is exactly what causes bites to swell up and stay red.

Therapik: A Modern Solution to Bug Bites and Stings

Therapik addresses this problem by first treating the source of the itchiness: the venom. By applying the right amount of heat, Therapik neutralizes the effect that the proteins within the venom have on your skin. By eliminating the source of itchiness, a reduction in redness and swelling of the affected area will become a natural consequence.

Therapik has no secondary purpose. It was made specifically to help relieve the itchiness and pain associated with bug bites and stings. You can purchase your Therapik now for only $12.95 by clicking here

A man treating his son with Therapik