Nights spent under spinning stars. A walk through colourful brush on the first autumn morning. A canoe ride through a calm lake under the clear blue sky. There’s nothing like the great outdoors!

No matter the time of the year, there’s always something to explore and experience.

Insects are more than just an Annoyance

Insects have a way of intruding on fun moments or tend to strike during meals or when one is asleep. Most will agree that they are annoying but some insects have venomous bites which can have dangerous consequences. Insect bites can cause anything from a sting to an allergic reaction that ranges from mild to severe.

In fact, insect bites harm or kill almost three times as many North Americans as snakes do. Oftentimes, they are underappreciated as a predator.

There’s a Whole Lineup of Insects Looking to Attack

Yellow jacket wasps are responsible for many of the insect bites in North America. Then, there are honeybees and bumblebees and in certain regions of the U.S. you’ll find the irascible fire ants. All of the above mentioned insects are searching for skin to pierce and blood to infect with their venom.

Don’t forget that North American is also home to spiders, ticks, flies, mosquitoes and fleas whose venomous bite can transmit West Nile, Lyme and many other diseases. While these are treatable, the best and safest route will always be prevention.

Protect Yourself from Insects by being Prepared

Therapik is your partner for every outdoor adventure to ensure relief from the itch and pain of insect bites (INSERT LINK). In addition to using Therapik, you can take further precautions by covering your skin and applying insect repellent with an appropriate amount of DEET.

Little Tricks that Make a Big Difference

There’s also little tricks like choosing a breezy spot for a picnic or campground. This can prevent mosquitoes from approaching since they have trouble flying in even the slightest breeze. Also, wearing light-colored clothing can make you less attractive to mosquitoes.

A fear of insects should never stop you from heading outdoors. Using Therapik and being prepared can help remove worry and enhance the experience.